Our Staff

Kristi Resler

Preschool Director

Education: B.A. in Psychology
Experience: 22 years

I love working at a school that is committed to providing  education for each and every student! As a parent and staff member here, I never cease to be amazed by the constant pursuit of excellence at PCK!

Rebecca Haines

Administrative Assistant

Education:  M.A. in Teaching, B.S. in Business, and Early Childhood Lead Teacher Qualified
7 Years

I love working at PCK because it is an inclusive and diverse atmosphere where students are encouraged to learn and grow every day.

Natha Kelly

Administrative Assistant and Teacher Support

Education: Early Childhood Qualified
Experience: 13 years

I love teaching at PCK because I believe in the school’s philosophy and their ever-continuing strides towards excellence. Working with wee little ones is especially rewarding!  Besides being the sweetest, cutest little things they literally absorb learning like a sponge. It is so gratifying to be a part of their early learning experience!

Julie Fox

Preschool Teacher

Education: B.S. in Business, Early Childhood Teacher Qualified 
Experience: 3 years

I love teaching at PCK simply because this school has built such a strong foundation for the students to learn and grow. I love being a part of that! I also really enjoy meeting new families and helping to teach their children so many new things about our world.

Jennifer Craven

Preschool Teacher

Education: B.S. in Business, Early Childhood Teacher Qualified
Experience: 3 years

Why I love teaching at PCK… Simply because it allows me to do what I love (teach!) in a safe & fun environment while passing on the love of learning to each child in my class!  I also love how involved the parents are and the sense of community it brings.

Hashmat Jaffer

Preschool Assistant

Education: B.S. in Business
Experience: 4 years teaching preschoolers

My favorite part about PCK is their ideology of the core values. I also love the unwavering support of my fellow staff members and the parents. I cherish being apart of three to five year old children’s growth and development of their whole self.

Leslie Kiehn

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Education: B.S. in Exercise Science. Licensed Elementary Education Teacher
Experience: 7 years

Why I love teaching at PCK- I love the amazing, supportive staff who love what they do. I love that children are put first at PCK and that there are high expectations set for all students.

Robyn Schaffer

Junior Kindergarten Assistant

Education: Early Childhood Teacher Qualified
Experience: 8 years

Teaching at PCK gives me the the unique opportunity to provide the children their first social experiences in a classroom setting.  In addition to being a small part in building their initial academic foundation, it warms my heart to see them “get it” and know they are learning!  I just LOVE the kids, ALL of them!

April Price

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Education: Associates in Early Childhood
Experience: 22 years

I love teaching at PCK because the parent involvement is first-rate!

Lisa Bezdek

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Education:  B.S. in Finance, Early Childhood Lead Teacher Qualified
Experience:  9 years
I love working at PCK because our school is so welcoming, has a very friendly atmosphere and is known for its stimulating curriculum.  In addition, the parents are wonderful and I love working with children to help support their academic and social/emotional development.  It’s so rewarding to be a part in building a child’s future!

Lynda Leslie

Preschool Teacher

Education: B.A in Foreign Languages and Civilizations
Experience: 18 years in Education.  8 years teaching Preschool.
I love to work at PCK because we focus on developing the whole child. We care about every single child and try to help each child develop on the academic level but also on a social and emotional level. I also love the happy and caring atmosphere among all of us. It is like a big family!

Parker Core Knowledge Preschool & Junior Kindergarten
11661 North Pine Drive, Preschool Entrance
Parker, CO 80138
Phone: (303) 840-8461

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