Kristi Resler

Preschool Director

Education: B.A. in Psychology
Experience: 22 years

I love working at a school that is committed to providing  education for each and every student! As a parent and staff member here, I never cease to be amazed by the constant pursuit of excellence at PCK!

Rebecca Haines

Administrative Assistant

Education:  M.A. in Teaching, B.S. in Business, and Early Childhood Lead Teacher Qualified
7 Years

I love working at PCK because it is an inclusive and diverse atmosphere where students are encouraged to learn and grow every day.

Natha Kelly

Administrative Assistant and Teacher Support

Education: Early Childhood Qualified
Experience: 13 years

I love teaching at PCK because I believe in the school’s philosophy and their ever-continuing strides towards excellence. Working with wee little ones is especially rewarding!  Besides being the sweetest, cutest little things they literally absorb learning like a sponge. It is so gratifying to be a part of their early learning experience!

Julie Fox

Preschool Teacher

Education: B.S. in Business, Early Childhood Teacher Qualified 
Experience: 3 years

I love teaching at PCK simply because this school has built such a strong foundation for the students to learn and grow. I love being a part of that! I also really enjoy meeting new families and helping to teach their children so many new things about our world.

Jennifer Craven

Preschool Teacher

Education: B.S. in Business, Early Childhood Teacher Qualified
Experience: 3 years

Why I love teaching at PCK… Simply because it allows me to do what I love (teach!) in a safe & fun environment while passing on the love of learning to each child in my class!  I also love how involved the parents are and the sense of community it brings.

Hashmat Jaffer

Preschool Assistant

Education: B.S. in Business
Experience: 4 years teaching preschoolers

My favorite part about PCK is their ideology of the core values. I also love the unwavering support of my fellow staff members and the parents. I cherish being apart of three to five year old children’s growth and development of their whole self.

Leslie Kiehn

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Education: B.S. in Exercise Science. Licensed Elementary Education Teacher
Experience: 7 years

Why I love teaching at PCK- I love the amazing, supportive staff who love what they do. I love that children are put first at PCK and that there are high expectations set for all students.

Robyn Schaffer

Junior Kindergarten Assistant

Education: Early Childhood Teacher Qualified
Experience: 8 years

Teaching at PCK gives me the the unique opportunity to provide the children their first social experiences in a classroom setting.  In addition to being a small part in building their initial academic foundation, it warms my heart to see them “get it” and know they are learning!  I just LOVE the kids, ALL of them!

April Price

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Education: Associates in Early Childhood
Experience: 22 years

I love teaching at PCK because the parent involvement is first-rate!

Lisa Bezdek

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Education:  B.S. in Finance, Early Childhood Lead Teacher Qualified
Experience:  9 years
I love working at PCK because our school is so welcoming, has a very friendly atmosphere and is known for its stimulating curriculum.  In addition, the parents are wonderful and I love working with children to help support their academic and social/emotional development.  It’s so rewarding to be a part in building a child’s future!

Parker Core Knowledge Preschool & Junior Kindergarten
11661 North Pine Drive, Preschool Entrance
Parker, CO 80138
Phone: (303) 840-8461

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