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PCK, Parker’s oldest and most accomplished charter school, offers our families an academic advantage through our nurturing environment, rigorous and well-rounded curriculum, and partnership approach, all focused on providing a foundation for success in life…one child at a time.

In the fall of 2011, we opened our doors to young children ages three through five whose parents are seeking a strong preschool program that will prepare their child for early success in elementary school. Our mission is clearly defined: To build an early foundation of knowledge and skills by providing stimulating opportunities for children to grow and learn in a safe, caring preschool environment. Through our PCK Preschool & Junior Kindergarten program, students are getting a jump start on their Core Knowledge education!

Our early childhood program begins PCK’s focus on an educationally stimulating environment. This involves engaging children in carefully designed educational experiences focused on nurturing the whole child. By creating a safe, collaborative, encouraging, and fun atmosphere, children enjoy the educational process that instills a life-long love of learning. PCK’s Preschool & Junior Kindergarten program is staffed by exceptional, experienced early childhood professionals who embrace their unique roles in preparing children for success in academics and life.

Our Preschool & Junior Kindergarten program uses age-appropriate Core Knowledge curriculum and creativity enhancing activities to enrich your child’s imagination, phonemic awareness, and kindergarten readiness. Our program is highly interactive and encourages hands-on exploration as part of the learning process. All instruction is developmentally appropriate as the curriculum allows the world to unfold through playful discovery and well-rounded exposure to core virtues and academic concepts. With carefully managed student-teacher ratios and differentiated instruction for each and every child, the curriculum complements the nurturing environment to prepare children for a successful experience in kindergarten.

Following the tradition of the entire school, PCK’s Preschool & Junior Kindergarten program recognizes that a nurturing environment and well-rounded curriculum must be accompanied by a strong connection to the students’ families. This partnership approach is as important at this developmental level as at any time in a child’s academic life. PCK and our families are connected in ways that support the core values of life and helps students achieve their highest potential. This commitment and consistency is manifest in our celebration of 20+ years of outstanding service in education…a milestone and achievement unique to PCK amount other charter schools in the area.

Parker Core Knowledge Preschool & Junior Kindergarten
11661 North Pine Drive, Preschool Entrance
Parker, CO 80138
Phone: (303) 840-8461

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