Character Building

Use these questions to have discussions and build character traits at home!




  • How can you show self-control when you are at school?
  • Enrolling your student in sports, music, and dance can help build self-discipline.
  • What are some things you can do when you feel you are about to lose self control?



  • When do you have to be patient at home?  At school?
  • Here’s one way to grow patience in your child: when you are speaking to another adult, have your child put their hand on your leg.  You can cover their hand and recognize that they are waiting for you.  When you are done speaking to the adult, praise your child for waiting patiently.
  • Play a game (cards, board game, or a game outside) that involves taking turns.  This is a great way to practice patience!



  • Who do you respect?
  • How do you show respect?
  • Manners are an important part of demonstrating respect.  Below are pictures of the words “please” and “thank you” in sign language.  Your child can practice these signs while using good manners.
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