Enrollment & Lottery

Your first chance at getting into Parker Core Knowledge Kindergarten is the waitlist.

We offer a special lottery for our junior kindergarten students to increase their chances of enrollment for Kindergarten at PCK.

Here is how our lottery works:

  • Students who are Douglas County residents and enrolled in the PCK Junior Kindergarten program, but have not already secured placement in the PCK Kindergarten program for the next school year will be invited to participate in a lottery drawing for up to eighteen (18) spots on the Fall Kindergarten Roster.

  • Each year, the first fifty-eight (58) of the available seventy-six (76) Kindergarten spots will be filled directly from the PCK Waiting List. Once these fifty-eight positions have been filled, the remaining eighteen (18) spots may be filled via a lottery drawing of interested PCK Junior Kindergarten students who have been attending PCK since the beginning of the school year.

  • For every semester a child attends PCK Preschool & Junior Kindergarten, they will earn a chance in the lottery. For example, if a child attends PCK Preschool for a full year, that totals two (2) chances in the lottery (one per semester). If a child only attends PCK Junior Kindergarten for the fall semester, they will have one (1) chance in the lottery.

  • Families can earn extra chances in the lottery by referring a friend to PCK. Once that friend enrolls and attends PCK Preschool for one semester, the referring family earns an extra chance in the lottery. There is no limit to how many chances a family can earn through referrals.

  • Following the lottery drawing, any of the lottery spots forfeited after the Kindergarten roster is completed will be filled according to the traditional PCK Waiting List policy. Failure to complete the remainder of the junior kindergarten school year will forfeit the child’s spot in next school year’s Kindergarten class.