Waitlist & Annual Enrollment Forms

For all students who are enrolled in a class
for the 2022/2023 school year:

    1. Download PCK Annual Enrollment Forms as listed below

    2. Once you’ve completed every form, scan and email to jgriffin@ckcs.net or fax to (303) - 840-9785, Attention: Preschool

General Health Appraisal Form

  • This form needs to be updated at each wellness visit your child has during the years s/he is enrolled at PCK Preschool & Junior Kindergarten. Must be signed by yourself and your health care provider.

General Health Appraisal Form.pdf

Emergency Information

  • Please fill out the form below as we need to have this on file for emergency situations. Please make sure that you provide all information (name, address, and phone number). It is very important to have full addresses and phone numbers for all areas so that we are compliant with the state licensing standards.

Up-to-date Immunization Record

2019-2020 Immunizations.pdf

Family Questionnaire

  • Help our teachers better develop an educational environment suitable for your child.

Family Questionnaire.pdf

General Permissions

  • Ensure that your child can participate in school activities

Parent Handbook

UPDATED Handbook for 2021-2022

Student Medication Request and Release Agreement

    • ONLY to be filled out if your child will have medication at school.

Permission for Medication.pdf