Top 10 Reasons

Why parents choose PCK…

  1. The earlier they start, the further they go!

  2. Children are always ready to learn when teachers know where to start. Parker Core Knowledge (PCK) Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten has specific, explicit goals that allow our teachers to make learning accessible in small steps for each child.

  3. Children who develop critical language and reading skills at an early age are more likely to be successful in school and life.

  4. Small classes allow children to build lasting relationships with teachers and friends, and receive individual attention.

  5. Regular assessments enable our teachers to meet the needs of each child and take them to the next appropriate level.

  6. Our well-rounded curriculum exposes children to a wealth of learning, at and above their level. The advanced program challenges children to grow in all areas from fine and gross motor development to math, reading, language arts and even music and art appreciation.

  7. We have directly correlated our preschool curriculum to Kindergarten curriculum to provide a smooth transition and ensure ongoing learning.

  8. PCK Preschool & Junior Kindergarten teachers are highly qualified with many years of teaching experience.

  9. Parents have flexibility in choosing morning, afternoon, or full day classes.

  10. The program is reasonably priced, comparable with other like programs in Parker and surrounding areas.

Here’s what our parents have to say about what’s important to them when choosing PCK as their child’s school:

“PCK Preschool & Junior Kindergarten has very friendly and engaging staff that work with parents to achieve goals.”

“One-of-a-Kind teachers.”

“The school has great parent involvement and a good reputation.”

“Excellent curriculum, amazing teachers, and flexible schedules.”

“PCK Preschool & Junior Kindergarten provides one-on-one support to help students.”